Machines that change life...

They function precisely behind the factors, enhancing your life quality though you don't notice.There are massive exertions, experiences, intellectually developed technological machinery, behindbuilding up automobiles, bridges, ships, constructions and many other magnificient architectures. The modern life would not exist without machines.

Metal working machines produced by Akyapak with high Turkish technology, operate in world wide famous companys’ plants in 50th year of the company and the life acquires its flawless form fromAkyapak machines. Wish to reach many 50th anniversaries all together…

High Technology from Turkey to the World

AKYAPAK, which makes exportations to 85 countries in 5 continents with metal-bending, cutting, and drilling machines and which is a long established company from Bursa, is celebrating its 50thyear anniversary. AKYAPAK, which adds new achievements to its success story for half a century, successfully transfers it high quality, which symbolizes Turkish power, to the world.
AKYAPAK group, which has 25 thousand square meters covered technological manufacturing facility, is a source of pride for both Bursa and Turkey… Established in 1962 in Bursa, AKYAPAK, with the determination it kept from the first day on, followed closely the innovation and technology, and reached its present worldwide fame. AKYAPAK, having its manufacturing plant and headquarters in Bursa, continues to shape technology both in Turkey and in the world with its regularly trained 350 experienced staff.

AKYAPAK machines provide customers with high quality manufacture and application solutions in many fields directing the global economy such as automotive, marine and aviation technology, construction, heating and cooling, energy, petrochemistry, defense industries. Today, AKYAPAK machines are used in the factories of world’s giants like Mitsubishi, Mercedes, Harley Davidson, Rolls Royce and in Turkish aviation and defense industries with TAI and Roketsan. The manufacture and construction processes of famous structures like Istanbul Ataturk Airport, Ataturk Olympic Stadium, Istanbul Park tribunes and of vehicles and constructions that are a part our daily life like automobiles, motorcycles, ships, airplanes, airports, bridges, stadiums, steel construction buildings, skyscrapers, wind turbines, petrol stations introduce the signature of AKYAPAK machines.

AKYAPAK markets metal plate, pipe, and profile bending machines under the brand name AKBEND to the world. AKBEND, which is formed from its prefix ‘’AK’’ and the English word ‘’bend’’, reached an important position in the sector with its reliability. AKYAPAK uses AKDRILL brand for its drilling lines in which it is one of the leaders both in Turkey and in the world. This word is formed from the prefix ‘’AK’’ and the English word ‘’drill’’. These brands add a new dimension to AKYAPAK’s world-wide strong image. Oxy and plasma cutting machines are also manufactured under AKYAPAK brand.
AKYAPAK makes significant investments to the R&D department to continuously offer better products to customers. AKYAPAK, having a yearly production capacity of over two thousand machines in average thanks to its continuously developed metal working technology expands its customer portfolio each year and diversifies its regional and sectoral markets. Thanks to its high quality products, AKYAPAK proved its competitiveness in the strongest markets of the world like Europe and America and presents its assertive position about exploring new markets. With these specialties, AKYAPAK became the solution partner of hundreds of enterprises in five continents. AKYAPAK both continues to develop with the permanent self-renewing structure and works as a consultant agency for the customers trying to improve their equipment tools.

AKYAPAK gained world-wide fame with its three / four ball conventional or NC and CNC controlled hydraulic cylinder machines with a capacity from 2mm to 200mm. Offering NC and CNC controlled systems with four ball hydraulic cylinders shows the significant R&D performance of AKYAPAK. Being a globally preferred brand for its metal bending, cutting and drilling and in particular for its cylinder bending machines AKYAPAK is always the leader of the sector thanks continuous innovation. AKYAPAK developed cylinder machines with the ability to bend wind towers and gained a remarkable place in wind energy sector as well. AKYAPAK left its mark on the sector as one of the important manufacturers of the world with ADM Drilling Lines offering advanced technology in steel construction works.
CNC and software programmes and technological infrastructure of machines produced are continuously enhanced.Therefore AKYAPAK Machines become more functional in every production. This turns AKYAPAK more preferable. The primary reasons that make AKYAPAK a preferred choice both in Turkey and abroad are precise quality control processes, inspection of every piece with due care and use of materials of world-wide known brands. In all processes from accepting orders to assembly of products the same high quality and customer oriented approach based on fast response times form AKYAPAK’s production understanding. The same is also visible in aftersales services with unmatched response and solutions times. CE, ISO 9001-2000, UKAS 005, TSEK, and TURQUM certificates officially prove AKYAPAK’s quality and high standards. Thanks to all these features our customers are aware of the reasons for preferring AKYAPAK.

AKYAPAK has been working hard for 50 years to achieve the best and highest quality and thanks to the principles adopted it will continue to be the leader in the sector in 2012 and beyond. The name of AKYAPAK together with AKBEND and AKDRILL brands is always going to continue taking firm steps forward to the future as the representative of innovation, state of the art technology and reliability..





















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