1946 The company was founded; its core business was to manufacture grey iron and bronze parts. In following years the company has become most known wood processing machines producer in our country for 3 decades.

After 1970’s with the strong participation of the 2nd generation and with the increasing investments on foundry branch the production of wood working machines was stopped and up to the present, the company has aimed to be pioneer in foundry production.
Primary objective of İğrek Makina is to ensure absolute customer satisfaction. The company aims to be leader in the sector with its variety of products, capacity and technology. Mainly on its main branch of automotive stamping die supply.

The company also aims to produce machine tools in Turkey with its experiences on the subject and shapes the research department in that way. It aims to continue developing technologically enhanced systems and components in aviation and energy sectors. In addition to all these, the company also aims to be leader in solution partnerships in heavy industrial sectors like cement and mining.
İğrek Makina, with its 70 years casting experience, aims to be pioneer in its technology, capacity and product range with its flexible project based production methods in the production of grey iron, ductile iron and cast steel parts.

By adding aviation and energy sectors to its production base, next to automotive stamping dies and machine production sectors, the company will continue to be a versatile supplier for heavy industry with receiving academic support and by performing research and development studies.







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