HÜRMAK Plastik Otomotiv Makine İmalat Sanayi A.Ş have always been one of the leading figures in the plastics industry since the day it was established in 1969. HÜRMAK Machinery have proven its efficiency and reliability through long years of manufacturing in the workshops of our clients. In all these years, HURMAK became one of the most trusted companies in Turkey by putting customer satisfaction and efficient after-sale service in the first place.
HÜRMAK started cooperating with Chinese suppliers in 2000 and have reinforced its presence in China by establishing HURMAK China office in 2006. Main purpose of HURMAK’s presence in China is providing the best quality with the best possible prices to our clients with our 40 years of experience in the industry.
In the year 2010, HÜRMAK once again started manufacturing injection moulding machines after temporarily stopping production in Turkey in 2005 and once more HURMAK can offer its clients the well-known HÜRMAK quality from its factory in Gebze industrial zone. In addition to domestic production, HÜRMAK supplies injection moulding machines imported from China to the clients who prefer. Ever-present in all fields of the plastics industry, HÜRMAK also provides blow moulding machines and extruders on demand.

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Low Pressure Injection Molding Machines,
Injection Moulds,
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Gebze Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, İhsan Dede Cd. No:135, 41400, GEBZE KOCAELİ , Türkiye
+90-262-751 30 31

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