Founded in Ankara Ostim OIZ in 1990, Yeter Makina was established for machining purposes and started to produce parts and mechanical systems shortly after it was established. Over the years, he focused on the production of special purpose machinery and equipment as a result of his sector experience and R&D studies.

Yeter Makina is a company that uses more technology, values ​​automation and aesthetics in production, makes all of the systems, not part of them, and offers appropriate solutions according to need. Yeter Makina, which provides services for testing, assembly, shipment and software as well as production, is capable of system design and turnkey projects. The revision service for the changing needs over time is provided by the company, and it also tests and inspects the products itself.

Today Yeter Makina serves in a closed area of ​​700 m² and has ISO 9001: 2008 quality certificate. In addition, since 2014, it has been carrying out system partnerships with FESTO, the world giant in automation technology supply, industrial control, vocational education and training programs.

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