SİSTEM TEKNİK was established in 1979 and has been managed by Mr.Orhan OBALI and Mr.Mehmet ÖZDEŞLİK since that time.

Our company is specialized in the production of industrial furnaces. Today Sistem Teknik is a leading company in the design and manufacturing of heat treatment furnaces for ferrous and non-ferrous industry in TÜRKİYE.

Sistem Teknik manufactures custom designed heat treatment plants on turn-key base.

Our Product Line Covers

· Aluminum Melting/Holding Furnaces,

· Furnaces & Ovens for Aluminum Extrusion Lines,

· Aluminum Foil/Coil Annealing Furnaces,

· Heat Treatment Lines,

· Protective Gas Atmosphere Furnaces,

· Hardening & Tempering Furnaces,

· Brazing Furnaces,

· Gas Carburizing & Nitriding Furnaces,

· Gas Generators,

· Aluminum Ageing & Solution Heat Treatment Furnaces,

· Aluminium Log/Billet Heating Furnace,

· Continuous / Batch Type Aluminium Log Homogenizing Furnaces,

· Die Heating Oven,

· Special Process Furnaces & Instrumentation,

We supply high-tech heat treatment installations to our customers by providing innovative design and effective engineering, know-how, supervision during the plant erection and start-up, commissioning, operation and training.

We are ready to manufacture custom-design heat treatment furnaces and satisfy our customers by applying ISO 9001 quality assurance system.

We will be next to be with you on your heat process demand .

If you are planning to build a new heat treatment plant or refurbish an existing one, call us right away for the supervision of your specific need.

Aluminium Casting and Recycling Facilities:
• Complete Aluminium Slab Casting Facility
• Complete Aluminium Log Casting Facility
• Complete Aluminium Ingot Casting Facility
• Complete Aluminium Continuous Casting Facility
• Aluminium Scrap Recycling Facility
• Aluminium UBC Recycling Facility
• Aluminium Scrap seperation and preperation lines
• Rotary Aluminium scrap delacquering and drying furnaces
• Copper/Brass Chips Rotary Drying Furnaces
• Aluminium Melting and Holding furnaces
• Double Chamber Aluminium Melting furnaces
• Scrap/Ingot Charging Cars for Melting Furnaces
• Liquid Aluminium Charging Cars for Melting/Holding Furnaces
• Continuous Casting Machines
• Aluminium Slab Casting Machine
• Aluminium Ingot Casting Machine
• Aluminium Log Casting Machine
• Degassing Unit
• Ceramic Foam Filtering Unit
• AlTiB Grane Refiner Rod Feeder
• Molten Aluminium Transfer Launders
• Aluminium Log and Billet Cutting and Saw Machine
• Aluminium Billet Hot Shear Machine

Heat Treatment Furnaces:
• Aluminum Log Homogenizing Furnaces
• Aluminum Slab Homogenizing Furnaces
• Aluminium Coil Annealing Furnaces
• Aluminium Foil Annealing Furnaces
• Aluminium Billet Heating Furnaces for Extrusion Lines
• Aluminium Ageing Oven for Extrusion Lines
• Aluminium Wire Ageing Ovens
• Die Heating Furnaces for Extrusion Lines
• Gas Nitriding Furnaces for aluminium extrusion dies
• Copper/Brass Billet Heating Furnaces for Extrusion Lines
• Copper/Brass Annealing Furnaces for Extrusion Lines
• Magnesium Billet Heating Furnaces for Extrusion Lines
• Aluminium Slug Annealing Furnaces
• Aluminium T6 Heat Treatment Line for Aluminium Alloy Wheels for Automotive Industry
• Aluminium Solution Annealing and Ageing Ovens for Aerospace Industry
• Drop Bottom Solution Heat Treatment Furnace and Ageing Oven for Automotive Industry

Composite Furnaces:
• Composite Autoclaves
• Composite Cure and Bonding Ovens
• Composite Autoclaves for Aerospace and Defence Industry
• Composite Cure and Bonding Ovens for Aerospace and Defence Industry

Aluminium and Non-Ferrous Heat Treatment and Special Process Furnaces






















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