Our company was established in 1981, Istanbul, and continues its operations in the Istanbul/Hadimkoy area on a 5.000 m2 open land and 3.400 m2 enclosed facility with 48 employee.
As a company that always tries to follow new products and technology, our main target is to investigate the newly manufactured machines and spare parts in the world market and to apply these improvements to our own machines which we believe the heavy industry of our country and the industry countries really need.
Our engineering department serves to iron-steel factories, aluminum facilities, cement facilities, cable manufacturers etc. with experience of years.
Our company has trade mark as OZGON KAPLIN® and OZGON REDOKTOR® since 2002, and produces the couplings and gearboxes with its own brand, ISO 9001:2008 Quality System Standard and also has ISO 9001:2000 quality management certificate since 2004.


Ömerli Mah. Kos-Koop Sanayi Sit. Mısır Sok. No:1 Hadımköy, 34555, ARNAVUTKÖY İSTANBUL , Türkiye
+90-212-798 27 20
+90-212-798 27 23

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