AKDENİZ MACHINE was individually established bu Yusuf Uğuz in the year of 1991.The aim of establishment was making production of electronical welding machines, face welding machine welding machines, charge rectifier voltage regulators, welding machines, gas shielded welding machine welding machines and spot welding machine transformers.

AKDENİZ MACHINE had been a Limited Company in the year of 1996. The firm still has been going on the way as The AKDENİZ MACHINE Ltd.Co. and executing in the address of İkitelli Organized İndustrial Zone(Region), Atatürk Industry Site , 21st Street, No:620 Küçükçekmece/İstanbul-TURKEY. Since the year of 2000, AKDENİZ MACHINE Ltd. Co. has been exhibiting the products in the various domestic fairs, and participating in international fairs since 2004 and we are introducing our firm both inside and outside the country. The firm has gained CE document in 2004 and ISO certificate in 2005. In The AKDENİZ MACHINE's organizational structure, three diffrent brands has been placed under the names of Akdeniz, Oğuz, Silmer. AKDENİZ MACHINE is going on the way by continuing the development.


The firms provides the puality with pralanged improvement and reforming activities for a philasophy of life by the principle of "quality is not produced but it is lived;and at the same time by firm culture which is proper for the firm's mission and vision. Our company develops the product portofilo with sectoral renovation and significant executions on the frame of time-casting unification.Target is to increase the expeced performance to the maximum level with reaching the object of the optimum utility.


This engagement registers to set up quality management system in order to provide the product confidence of the firm , performance and keep on being in constant development.

With this aim , establishment and controlling of ancillary industry, keeping the process under the control, conforming to national / international standarts and list of customer conditions, submitting after-sale service facilities are provided during the life of product it is guaranteed that all of these processes are provided to traced by registers. The firm acceps to provide the continues customer satisfiction for each products by the way of the firm Quality Management System executions.

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