FGI Door and Loading Technologies was established in 1997 and operates by locally manufacturing Sectional Doors, Canvas Doors and Photocell Doors, and by supplying doors and loading technologies suitable for industrial and private uses. In 2002, it combined its strength with Novoferm, which was established in 1955 and has more than 2500 employees. Novoferm is Europe's leading manufacturer of industrial and private use doors, door frames, door automations and loading units.
Quality is a priority for FGI.
All efforts of FGİ are to offer its customers maximum quality, safety, comfort and aesthetics at minimum cost. For this reason, it provides long warranty periods to its products and ensures that the products always remain as they were on the first day and work smoothly for many years with sample maintenance service upon request.

Products take into account the needs of regions, national standards and regulations. FGİ has ISO 9001 certificate and closely follows the technological developments in the world in its facility in Sakarya, one of the most modern production facilities in Europe, in order to fulfill its responsibility to the environment first and then to its customers. FGİ, which is also the Turkey representative of GfA Elektromaten, markets GfA Electromaten drive solutions to practitioners and final customers, as well as using GfA Motors and Command Panels in the doors it manufactures. Industrial facilities, hangars, logistics centers, warehouses and public buildings are among the customers of FGİ Door and Loading Technologies, which is a pioneer in its sector and experienced in its field.

Industrial Door Solutions
• Sectional Doors
• SpeedRollers Doors
• Rolling Shutters

Loading Technologies
• Loading Ramps
• Loading Bellows
• Calematic

Fire Proof Closures
• Fire Proof Winged Door
• Fire Proof Sliding Door
• Fire Proof Rolling Shutters







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