Emek Kama started producing keys upon request in 1975. After, in 1995 the company reshaped its vision with the changing world, and chose key production as its specialized area of production. It has invested in producing keys at world standards and premium quality since then. It reached such a point that it could produce the highest quality keys in not only Turkey but also Middle East, Balkans and Europe within 15 years. Believing that quality is a rising value in globalized world, actors of the future will be today's investors in customer satisfaction, human beings and quality. In this way, it gets refreshed; moreover, it keeps serving to the leading industrial companies with suitable prices, quality and customer satisfaction..
  Awarded the ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate, our firm ensures traceability, interlude controls and inspection of the materials throughout the whole job stream processes ranging from raw material supply to shipment. Lastly, we make shipments only after completing the final 100 % control in relevant department. With production volume of 3 million keys per year, Emek Kama has become a brand name across Turkey, Europe and America; and it is justly proud of serving to more then 3.000 elite companies manufacturing motor, reducers, pump and machinery.
  The company offers a range of keys including feather keys compliant with DIN 6885 and TS 147+T3 norms, four surfaces ground with surface grinding machine, with width of h9, height of h11; and woodruff keys compliant with DIN 6888 norm sizes with two surfaces grounded as well as other keys at 5000 different standards and customized sizes.

DIN 6888 Woodruff Keys,
DIN 6885 Parallel Keys


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