The EKOSAN COMPRESSOR, which started with a graduation project in 1997 and was established in Ankara in 260m2 area in 2012, continues to grow day by day. The first target of EKOSAN COMPRESSOR, the new face of pressurized air from this date when production started, is absolute customer satisfaction.
Continuing its manufacturing customer satisfaction had gained experience in the market with a dynamic and experienced team that holds the highest level of EKOS COMPRESSION, the restructuring of the dealer and service network in the main market in Turkey has been serving the Turkish industry.
EKOS the COMPERESSOR Turkey and issued by institutions that accepted in the world market ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, CE and Product Safety Certification, TSEK, a lot of quality and certification of documents such as GOST-R It has.
Among the products of EKOSAN COMPRESSOR, which is the leader of quality and customer satisfaction with its competitors, air and water cooled fixed and variable speed screw compressors, single and double stage piston compressors, compressed air dryers, filter groups, air tanks and vacuum pumps.
EKOSAN COMPRESSOR is established with 100% domestic capital and the development of the products is realized by the R & D department in the company's own area. In compressors and compressed air technologies, the R & D team offers options to ensure the energy efficiency of standard compressors while producing compressors with energy efficiency advantages under the leadership of the team.

Screw Air Compressors
Piston Air Compressors
Portable Screw Compressors
Gas Cooled Air Dryers
Chemical Air Dryers
Pressure Line Filters
Compressed Air Tanks
Vacuum Pumps


Saray Mahallesi Keresteciler Sanayi Sitesi 24. Sokak No:13, 6980, KAHRAMANKAZAN ANKARA , Türkiye
+90 312 815 20 80
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