Short History
Ekomak Endüstriyel Kompresör ve Makina Sanayi Ticaret A.Ş.

Since 1992, Ekomak, operating in the compressed air business which is used by all the industries today, had became a well-known, trusted brand in the sector with it's high-efficient compressors, compressed air dryers, line filters and other compressed air equipments.

Maintaining numerous associateships and participations, Ekomak Compressor, has various international certificates such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, CE and GOST for the main product group being manufactured.

Ekomak Compressor is a worldwide known firm for it's products and technology, which serves a number of crucial industries including aviation, food, chemistry, textile, metal, energy and petrochemistry, with reliability and innovativeness.

As a part of Atlas Copco group, Ekomak provides global solutions on industrial systems and a range of equipments.


To become the most preferred manufacturer to our customers as their most reliable partner, to create such products which meet the expectations of the customers at the maximum level of quality, to add value to it's customers and employees, with ensuring their gladness, also to be beneficial for the community and the country.

To make certain that the economical, ecological and the social responsibilities are fulfilled through all the company, while carrying out today's needs.


We care,
To be trustworthy, to provide unique solutions to the customer
To manufacture high-quality, efficient products
To be a profitable, productive, effective company
To use the high technology continously in our products and services
To offer our services with qualified employees.

Threaded Air Compressors
-DMD Series
-EKO Series-Industrial Compressor
-VST Series-Variable Speed Compressor
-Winner Series
Compressors with Pistons
Industrial Gas Systems
-Nitrogen Generator
-Oxygen Generator
-Oxygen Compressor
Compressor Main Equipments
-Gas Cooled Dryer
-Desikant Dryer
-Pressurized Line Filter
-Pressurized Air Tank
EKOBOX-Heat Recovery Systems



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