ASMAŞ Ağır Sanayi Makinaları A.Ş. (Heavy Industrial Machinery
Co.) is one of the leading heavy machinery companies in
TURKEY, richly equipped with a heavy mavd in manufacturing
machinery for several industries.
ASMAŞ accomplishes the establishment of project and
engineering, incorporating contemporary suitable technology
for general engineering of Iron-Steel and Cement Industries.
When its necessary, collaborates with foreign companies who
posses advance technologies on the issues of engineering,
projects and production and is very proud of its contributions to
our country in her fields of expertise and further technological
deliveries to the foreign countries.
In the past years, ASMAŞ has manufactur ed, assembled,
erected and commissioned the industrial plants and/or heavy
machinery & equipment, in the field of;
• Iron & Steel Industry
• Chemicals and Glass Industry
• Power Plants
• Cranes and Material Handling Equipment
• Cement and Earthen Ware Industry

ASMAŞ performs the project and engineering services with
incorporating contemporary suitable technology for general
engineering and design of steel mill equipment, cranes,
material handling equipment, cements industry and general
machinery, by using the r ecent AutoCad Engineering
ASMAŞ collaborates with well known fir ms worldwide for
other subjects, and at the end of each project our technical
staff have improved their knowledge and experience.

Kemalpaşa O.S.B. Mahallesi İzmir Ankara Asfaltı No:68 (, 35171, KEMALPAŞA İZMİR , Türkiye
+90-232-870 42 00
+90-232-877 00 85

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